Hello Digital Digger!
Register to become a Digital Digger for our Roman dig at East Park (Sedgefield, Brightwater)

Starts 22 Oct - 26 Nov 2020

DigVentures is heading out into the blustery British Autumn with a loyal team of Venturers, to investigate a new area of the unusual Roman town that's buried on the outskirts of Sedgefield. And it's all part of the Discover Brightwater project!

Since our Safe Dig rules mean we can't have as big a Dig Team as usual, or welcome visitiors for site tours, we're going to be doing our best to share the experience of being on site online instead.

As a Digital Digger, you'll be to check our progress on the Dig Timeline every day. You'll also get a weekly email update, invites to join our Virtual Tours, and even have an opportunity to help us solve puzzles or challenges - from the comfort of home.

But most of all, you'll be giving our Dig Team lots of moral support. It's going to be wet, it's going to be windy, but we think it's going to be a lot of fun too!
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